Dear customers,

With the COVID-19 crisis going on around the world, we sincerely hope that you, your family and your colleagues will be spared from this virus. All our thoughts are with those affected by it.

Despite this crisis, most of our customers are in the field of essential products, and they require our services. This is the reason why we will remain open. We want you to know that even if we are still open the security of our employees is truly important to us. This is why we strongly promote remote services, and we have established rules and procedures to insure our team’s safety, as of:

  • We have installed hand sanitizer stations

  • We have provided a written statement with all the essential information about COVID-19 to all the employees

  • We have modified employees break times in order to respect the rules on distancing     

  • Our workplaces and rest areas are cleaned several times a day

  • All employees with any of the COVID-19 symptoms must stay at home

  • We have limited access to our site to our employees

  • Our employees are not allowed to make non-essential customer visits

Our opening hours remain the same from Monday to Friday 8h AM to 17h PM for our office team and from 7h AM to 2h AM for our production team.

If you have any questions about this situation, you are welcome to contact us for more details. In addition, if you have needs related to this crisis, for example: a lack of employees, a lack of technical knowledge, etc., the expertise of our UM team can answer your questions.

Thank you for your trust and comprehension.

Best regards,

From the UM team.