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With state of the art equipment, UM can 3D scan any component, print any part and design with its 3D printer. With this equipment UM speeds up the engineering process and beats the clock in terms of designing innovative solutions. 

3D scan UM

3D scan

With his portable 3D scan equipment, UM can travel to

your place and scan your equipment and parts.

•   Acquires measurements of physical components.

•   High-precision reversed engineering capabilities

•   Simplified inspection process

•    Portable unit

•    25,000 measurements per second

•    Resolution: 0.0020” (50 microns)

•    Precision: 0.0015” (40 microns)

3D printing UM

3D printing

With or without a CAD file, UM can design and print your ideas.

•    Rapid prototyping process

•    Design verification

•    Validation test in machine

•    Capacity: 9” x 9” x 8” (230 x 225 x 205mm)

•    Precision: 0.0008” (20 microns)